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The Richards Trauma Process TRTP™ is a simple,  step-by-step process, which resolves trauma and trauma related issues including PTSD, anger, anxiety,  depression, fears, low self-esteem and phobias. It’s a surprisingly powerful transformational tool that is quick to learn and apply for solo practice.

The Richards Trauma Process is a brief, effective solution for the treatment of complex trauma conditions. We work with you to create a plan that meets your needs, and we get results fast – generally in 3 to 4 sessions, without re-traumatising the client.

TRTP™ is a highly advanced process of directed hypnotherapy. It is a structured and sequenced sequence of steps, which when combined create powerful and significant shifts.

Our model enables us to quickly and effectively help you overcome trauma.

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Our model enables us to quickly and effectively help you overcome trauma.

The trauma gets stuck in the body, and the unconscious. It affects an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP™) deals with past events in two ways: physically, by releasing the emotional charge that gets stuck at the time of the event, and psychologically, by installing a feeling of safety (I’m safe) into the body and mind.

Clients are enabled to resolve issues from their past, which then lets them move forward in their lives.

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP™) allows us to speak directly to the trauma and resolve it in a very short time with a small number of sessions.

Using a unique 3-step process, the Richards Hypnosis Technique helps you change with confidence!

The body and the unconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real or imagined, so when we imagine different outcomes to old events, we can access the encoded information and resolve issues on deeper levels.

We believe that humans are designed to be amazing. With TRTP™, limiting beliefs and painful experiences are rewired and resolved. The client is always in full control throughout the hypnosis process.

The experts in trauma, van der Kolk and Levine, state to resolve trauma two requirements are necessary:

• The person must be moved to an empowered position in regards to the trauma.
• The body must know that the event/events are over.

TRTP™ stands for “Treatment and Recovery Training Program”.

TRTP™ deals with the underlying Root Causes of negative beliefs that govern over destructive thoughts, emotions and behaviours. TRTP™ then helps you gain control over your feelings, without re-traumatising you.

The Client becomes empowered to make changes in order to heal and prevent similar occurrences.

TRTP does not merely address the symptoms of trauma but delves into its psychological and physiological causes. Its simple, natural steps start to restore calm to the mind, body and spirit.

Client Testimonials

Please take a moment to browse my client testimonials below to see what people say.

I can’t thank Anne enough for the amazing changes she made to my life. After suffering from Fibromyalgia for many years, Anne was able to make such an impact my life has just been moving forward every day and as a result has even helped with my Fibromyalgia condition that has been truly life changing.

Anne has been able to inspire me to make multiple changes in my life that have all been beneficial to both my personal and work life. I would highly recommend Anne from Melbourne Counselling Centre to anyone looking to create a positive change in your life.

Working in the Health industry, Melbourne Counselling Centre is the first place we recommend all our patients with ongoing challenges.

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