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Anne Serry Counselling Services Newrybar, NSW offers a range of counselling services to help individuals cope with various issues such as stress, trauma, anger, depression and anxiety. The services are provided by Anne Serry, a highly experienced Registered Counsellor and Clinical Psychologist. The goal of the counselling services is to help individuals to better manage their physical and mental health, and to lead a life of greater emotional balance and satisfaction.

Stress management counselling helps individuals to develop effective coping strategies to cope with daily stressors. Trauma counselling helps individuals to understand and process traumatic experiences in order to move forward in life. Anger management counselling helps individuals to better identify and manage their anger, and to develop healthier ways of expressing it. Individual counselling enables people to explore and gain insight into their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Relationship counselling helps couples or family members to better understand and improve their relationships with each other. Depression counselling helps individuals to identify and address the root causes of their depression, as well as to develop ways of dealing with it. Anxiety counselling helps individuals to identify and manage the symptoms of their anxiety, as well as to develop effective coping strategies.

At Anne Serry Counselling Services Newrybar, NSW, Anne Serry provides a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment in which individuals can feel comfortable talking about their issues and receiving support. Anne Serry’s years of experience, combined with her caring and compassionate approach, make her a trusted source of counselling services.

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Trauma Counselling Newrybar

Traumatic or distressing events, such as accidents, miscarriages, attacks, bullying, or any frightening life event can cause post-traumatic stress disorder, which has symptoms including flashbacks and insomnia.

Anne Serry has completed extensive training in The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP), a highly effective, evidence-based approach to trauma resolution. TRTP will help you to shift the negative feelings and memories associated with the distressing event and return your body to a place of calm. The problem is that this state of hyper-arousal (fight/flight/freeze) can become our default setting.

Trauma can change a person’s beliefs about themselves, their trust in the world around them and a sense that they are not safe. This leads to negative thoughts and feelings, which in turn trigger negative behaviours. The Richards Trauma Process breaks the cycle of trauma by disconnecting the event from your conscious mind so that you are able to feel safe again.

Trauma Counselling Newrybar is led by a team of professionals who are passionate about improving the psychological health of clients through innovative and effective counselling methods.

Working with a trauma specialist like Anne Serry helps you to understand your trauma in the context of your life. This understanding promotes an understanding of your suffering and then we set about clearing up the distress. After your treatment is complete, you feel empowered to focus on the future.