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Childhood Trauma Symptoms in Adults

Early childhood trauma can often be especially harmful. Trauma in early childhood generally refers to events that occur after birth but before the age of six. The brain grows rapidly during this period, and experiences can have a lasting effect on cognitive development and emotional well-being. Young children are also very dependent on caregivers for […]

Living A Balanced Life

1. Take care of and nurture yourself. To be productive, one must take care of oneself. Living A Balanced Life can be easier than you might think. To improve your health, get plenty of rest, exercise regularly, and eat a proper diet. Many of us think we can maintain a normal lifestyle while burning the […]

Reflective Practice

If you are considering self-improvement, a reflective practice can help you achieve your goals. A reflective practice is something that is done consistently over time with the expectation of improvement. This process helps you to evaluate important areas of your life, enabling you to make changes that will enable you to respond more appropriately in […]

Healthy Thinking Matters

Keep Your Thoughts In Check Many people believe that their thoughts control them, but the truth is that most of the time we are in control of our thoughts. We do not allow unfounded, untrue thoughts to run our lives; we choose to think positively. The simplest answer is to cease the behaviour! But this […]