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Anne Serry is a trauma specialist and psychotherapist, I focus on trauma recovery, whilst facilitating clients to see, believe and reach their true potential. 

My purpose is to help clients move from pain, struggle and suffering towards health and well-being. When clients reclaim their innate sense of authority over themselves, they begin to thrive. 

I prefer to work holistically, incorporating our minds (conscious awareness), our bodies (somatic practices) and the deeper parts of our brain (the subconscious mind). Everything within us is interconnected, so it makes sense to work with all our different parts to create a whole. 

Anne Serry work involves making sense of the past, healing the past, and then creating a foundation of self, based on awareness and actualisation.  In this way living a full and enriched life becomes a given not just a dream. It is by being truly present in the here and now, creating the healthy mindset, beliefs, and habits that we begin to reach our true potential.

I have the academic training and professional experience to help you make sense of your personal history, the capacity to support you during the counselling process and the ability to guide you gently through your work, all the while respectfully helping you navigate towards your own healing and health.  

Seeking help from an unfamiliar person via online counselling can be an uncomfortable or confronting experience, so I do my best to lessen any fears you may have about the counselling process through being open and approachable from the get-go.

I take enormous pride in the service I offer because I believe you deserve it. I am focused on tangible outcomes that create a sense of personal power. I work across the whole spectrum of life events and utilise the client’s life experience, hidden knowledge of self, and innate capacity for growth.  

A few words about Anne Serry: I arrived at this work later in life as it wasn’t until I experienced my own struggles in my late 30’s that I truly understood the profound change that can occur through the work of personal development and psychotherapy.

That difficult period in my life proved to be the catalyst for change and motivated me retrain as a Psychotherapist, specialising in trauma recovery. In the last ten years my passion has only grown as I continue to learn and deepen my practices to work with my clients.  

I hold a Bachelor of Arts/ Social Sciences from Monash University, a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Counselling & Intervention from the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement and, a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling from The Cairnmillar Institute. I am an experienced practitioner in The Richards Trauma Process and am BWRT Level 1 Certified. 

Anne Serry looks forward to being part of your self-discovery journey. 

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Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts/ Social Sciences  (Monash University)
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Counselling and Intervention (VGCBCI )
  • Graduate Certificate  in Psychotherapy & Counselling (The Cairnmillar Institute)
  • Graduate Diploma  in Psychotherapy & Counselling (The Cairnmillar Institute)
  • Qualified Practitioner  in The Richards Trauma Process.

Professional Associations

  • CAPAV Membership Associate (Counsellors’ and Psychotherapists’ Association of Victoria)
  • Level 1 M.A.C.A member ACA  (Australian Counselling Association)
  • Anne Serry attends regular Supervision in accordance with the ACA and PACCFA guidelines and am in ongoing training and study.
  • Anne Serry subscribes to the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices of the APA (Australian Counselling Association) and CAPAV (Counsellors’ and Psychotherapists’ Association of Victoria).

Professional Development

  • ASCA’s Trauma Informed Training for Workers  (Adults Surviving Child Abuse)
  • Attachment Theory and Adult Psychodynamic Practices Workshop (PDP Seminars)
  • Conflict Resolution (PDP Seminars)
  • Reconnexion 7th National Anxiety & Depression Conference  – The Art & Science of Therapy: Innovations in clinical practice and research for anxiety and depression  (2 day Conference)
  • Couples counselling Training using Inner Conflict Principles.
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Applying a Somatic Approach to Affect Regulation

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